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Giuliani fuels discredited theories on voting machines.

Rudolph W. Giuliani, the president’s personal lawyer, continued his efforts on Saturday to delegitimize votes cast through electronic voting machines, citing several conspiracies related to the companies that make the machines and the software they run in a message on Twitter.

Seeking to cast doubt on the vote count in several swing states that were recently called for the nomination of President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr., Giuliani has hinted at his support for a discredited theory that one of the companies that made the voting machines were used in some states. , Smartmatic, is controlled by billionaire philanthropist George Soros.

“Search for SMARTMATIC and tweet me what you think?” Wrote Mr. Giuliani. “Everything will come out.”

Hours later, President Trump echoed a similar refrain, stating in a tweet that the election was “stolen” by “the radical left private corporation, Dominion,” without providing any evidence or explaining why Dominion was separate. among many other private electoral systems. vendors who regularly administer elections in the United States.

Speculation that Mr. Soros has influence over Smartmatic or its operations has been completely debunked and he does not own the company. Mr. Soros ‘distant connection to society is through his association with Smartmatic President Mark Malloch-Brown, who sits on the board of directors of Mr. Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

Smartmatic has been used in elections around the world. In the election in Venezuela, the software was manipulated to report a biased tally. But the company said it was an anomaly and cited the lack of election observers as part of the problem. In the United States, observers from both parties are allowed to watch the vote count.

In the tweet, Mr Giuliani appears to go back to an earlier claim that Dominion Voting Systems, which makes the secure software used by voting machines, was involved in modifying the tally, claiming the company was in fact a ‘front’ for Smartmatic, which he claimed he was really into computing. Mr Giuliani had previously said he was in contact with Dominion “whistleblowers”, and he claimed, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, that the company had altered the vote count in battlefield states that had elected Mr. Biden as Michigan and Georgia.

Dominion pushed back on related claims on Friday, citing a joint Department of Homeland Security statement stating that there was “no evidence that a voting system suppressed or lost votes, altered votes or was of any kind. compromised way.

On Thursday, a group of federal, state and local officials working with the department said the election was “the safest in American history.”