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Game day in Green Bay: empty sports bars, full hospitals

At Cropsey’s on State, Carol Gezella, who once owned the place – her son now does – said she felt ‘pretty safe’ despite the virus spike, but was concerned about orders of the governor.

“We’re going to do whatever we can to stay open,” she said.

Although rural areas and small metropolitan areas have seen some of the worst outbreaks in recent weeks, many large cities are also struggling. Counties that include Chicago, Oklahoma City, Minneapolis, Anchorage and El Paso all set one-day records on Saturday. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has called on federal officials to open an army medical center in Fort Bliss to civilian patients to help ease pressure on El Paso hospitals.

And, whether in big cities or small towns, health experts warn the country is heading for the worst increase in cases to date.

Dr Scott Gottlieb, a former FDA commissioner, said in an appearance on CBS ‘Face the Nation’ Sunday that the United States was at a “dangerous tipping point.”

“These cases are going to continue to pile up,” Dr Gottlieb said. “There really is no safety net here. I don’t see any strong political intervention any time soon. “

Still, some Packers fans have found hope in their team’s legacy.

Tom Wartick is a longtime Packers fan whose daughter got married on the pitch. On Sunday, he was taking photos along Lombardi Avenue, named after Vince Lombardi, the legendary Packers coach whose statue stands outside Lambeau Stadium. Mr Wartick said he felt the sense of upliftment of a true fan.

“Vince Lombardi said it was okay to get knocked over – it wasn’t okay to stay on the ground” said Wartick, 63. “And it’s the same with this Covid virus. It’s a little intimidating, but we have to keep moving forward in life.

Lucy tompkins contributed to New York reporting and Mitch smith from Chicago.

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