Defying Trump, McConnell seeks to stifle bid to overturn election

Dec 16, 2020 Travel News

Defying Trump, McConnell seeks to stifle bid to overturn election

“We have to accept our institutions. They worked in 2016, ”Cole said in an interview. “They worked again in 2020.”

Elected officials, he said, must “be honest with your constituents.”

“You have to recognize when you don’t succeed, and you move on and accept the election results,” he said. “The American people, I hope, will.”

In the Senate, at least, this view seems to be gaining ground.

In a statement, Senator Mike Lee, Republican of Utah and advocate for the president, said that “in the absence of new information that could lead to a judicial or legislative decision changing the impact of electoral college votes Today, Joe Biden will become president of the United States. ”An aide said he had no intention of joining Mr. Brooks in challenging the results.

Another prominent candidate for the task, Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson, apparently threw cold water on the idea as well. Although Mr Johnson plans to call a hearing on Wednesday to give Mr Trump’s specious arguments over voter fraud a broadcast to Congress, he told Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that he believed the outcome was legitimate and that he did not intend to oppose the results of the Electoral College.

Still, other possible candidates remained. One was Tommy Tuberville, the newly elected Republican from Alabama. Another possible candidate, those watching the process said, was Senator Kelly Loeffler of Georgia, one of two Republicans competing in the January second round that will determine which party controls the Senate next year. These races will take place the day before the joint session to ratify the results of the presidential election in Washington.

Ms Loeffler’s office did not respond to a question about Mr Biden on Tuesday, but on Twitter she hinted that she was not ready to accept the outcome.

“I will never stop fighting for @realDonaldTrump because he never stopped fighting for us!” she wrote.

Luke broadwater and Emily cochrane contribution to reports.