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Casey Goodson died of multiple gunshot wounds, coroner says

A man who was shot dead outside his home in Columbus, Ohio, by a sheriff’s deputy last week, has died from multiple gunshot wounds to the chest, according to the Franklin County Coroner’s Office, which has said on Wednesday his death was ruled homicidal.

The man, Casey Christopher Goodson Jr., 23, was shot and killed on Friday by a Franklin County Sheriff’s deputy assigned to a runaway task force who was looking for someone else, authorities and lawyers said representing his family.

The coroner’s office said an autopsy was performed on Mr Goodson’s body on Tuesday and Mr Goodson died from “multiple gunshot wounds to the chest”. The office said in a statement it was awaiting medical records and a toxicology report before releasing a final report, expected in 12 to 14 weeks.

Homicide is generally defined as any murder of one person by another. The coroner’s office declined to answer questions about the number of shots at Mr Goodson, the direction in which the bullets entered his body, or the type of bullets that hit him.

Mr Goodson was walking home with Subway sandwiches after a dentist appointment on Friday when he was shot on his doorstep, according to his family’s lawyers, who demanded a full and transparent investigation into his death.

A gun was found at the scene, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office said, citing the US Marshals Service. Lawyers for Mr Goodson’s family have said he is permitted to carry a concealed weapon and stressed that Ohio does not ban the open carrying of firearms.

What led to the confrontation or the use of lethal force was not immediately clear. The Ohio attorney general’s office, which normally investigates shootings involving police officers, said it refused to do so in the case because it had not been informed before three days later, after witnesses were questioned and the scene was cleared.

The coroner’s office released its statement a day after David M. DeVillers, the US attorney for the Southern District of Ohio, said his office was reviewing the shooting with the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice, on FBI field office in Cincinnati and Columbus. police. They will “examine the facts and circumstances” of Mr. Goodson’s murder, Mr. DeVillers said in a statement, and “will take appropriate action if the evidence indicates that federal civil rights laws have been violated.”

A spokeswoman for Mr DeVillers declined to comment on Wednesday.

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