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California Election Day

But he said it was especially exciting to vote at the stadium with his father and grandfather, the latter wearing a Dodgers shirt, mask and hat. He had played on the field as a high school student and celebrated the World Series victory.

“Since I was born, I’ve been a huge fan of the Dodgers,” he said.

For 19-year-old Helena Herrera, who came to vote for the first time at the stadium with her mother and little sister, voting for her future was an imperative. The idea that young people do not participate in elections, as they always have, was a motivating factor.

“Things are going to start to affect us,” she said.

Ms Herrera said she had not followed the state’s voting proposals closely – although she did vote on some based on other supporters. The most pressing issue for her was the president’s vote, which she said would allow the country to “return to the humanity we once knew.”

The pandemic had also affected her and her family. Ms. Herrera started college at San Jose State University, but with most in-person classes canceled, she opted to go to community college instead.

Her mother, Bebe Herrera, 46, said she also voted for Joseph R. Biden Jr., although he was not her first choice for the Democratic nomination. She said she appreciated the stability she believed a Biden administration would bring.

More importantly, she said, she wanted to encourage her children to get involved.

“I wanted her to feel like she was exercising her voice,” she said, nodding at her daughter. “If she doesn’t come out and change it, it won’t change.”

The fact that the family voted at Dodger Stadium made the experience more meaningful.

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