By rejecting Texas lawsuit, Supreme Court reprimands GOP

Dec 13, 2020 Travel News

By rejecting Texas lawsuit, Supreme Court reprimands GOP

The Supreme Court’s repudiation of President Trump’s desperate second term candidacy not only dashed his efforts to overthrow the will of voters: it was also a brutal rebuke to Republican leaders in Congress and states that were prepared to do harm. to American democracy by adopting a supporter. seizure of power over a free and fair election.

Friday night’s court ruling, an inflection point after weeks of court challenges by Mr. Trump and ahead of the Electoral College vote for President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. on Monday, leaves the presidential party in a position extraordinary. Thanks to their explicit approvals or complicity in silence, much of the Republican leadership now shares responsibility for the pipe-dreaming attempt to ignore the nation’s founding principles and craft a verdict different from voters in November.

Many regular Republicans backed the effort as well – a sign that Mr. Trump not only bent the party to his will, but pushed a mainstay of American politics for nearly two centuries in the service of overturning the election result. and attack public confidence in the electoral system. The Republican Party sought to overturn the vote by such spurious means that the Supreme Court quickly dismissed the argument.

Even some Republican leaders presented a disappointing assessment of the 126 members of the Republican House and 18 attorneys general who chose to side with Mr. Trump on the Democratic process, supporting a lawsuit that asked the Supreme Court to dismiss some 20 million votes in four states that cemented the loss of the president.

“The act itself of the 126 members of the United States of Representatives is an affront to the country,” said Michael Steele, former chairman of the Republican National Committee. “It is a violation of the Constitution and it leaves an indelible stain that will be difficult for these 126 members to wipe their political skin for a long time.