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Biden’s education department to act quickly to reverse Betsy DeVos policies

“There is a lot of work to do, but it will be nice to know that there is an education secretary who is thinking about how to protect students from predatory schools instead of the other way around,” Aaron said. Ament, chairman of the National Student Legal Defense Network, which sued the department for its efforts to roll back Obama-era rules on loan cancellation and consumer protection.

The team Mr Biden has appointed to help the education department through the transition has indicated the direction he intends to take.

Leading the team is Linda Darling-Hammond, president of the Learning Policy Institute in Palo Alto, Calif., Who also oversaw the education transition for Mr. Obama in 2008. Ms. Darling-Hammond, education researcher seasoned and decision maker in areas like desegregation, school finances and teacher preparation, were considered a candidate for Mr Biden’s education secretary, but withdrew from the race, claiming she was engaged in her work in California.

The strong representation of the transition team of former Obama-era officials and teacher unions has met with mixed reactions.

Announcing the team, a transition manager said its members had “a solid background in key policy areas” with “a diversity of perspectives essential to tackling the most pressing and complex challenges of the world. America”.

Keri Rodrigues, president of the National Parents Union, which represents low-income parents and parents of color, said the team’s makeup made her fear that the Biden administration could stack the government with people. “ interested in strengthening the status quo. it has failed so many of our children.

“It’s the biggest table right now,” she said of the transition team, “and I don’t see any parent groups, family groups, community groups present. ” She added, “It looks like we’ve come back to the same old man, ‘We’re going to do things for you, not with you.'”

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