Biden unites Democrats in Georgia

Dec 16, 2020 Travel News

Biden unites Democrats in Georgia

McConnell congratulates Biden on his victory for the first time, while Biden is in Georgia trying to snatch a majority in the Senate. It‘s Wednesday, and here is your political advice sheet. register here to get On Politics delivered to your inbox every day of the week.

Supporters gathered on Biden’s motorcade route to Atlanta as he campaigned for the Democratic Senate candidates in Georgia.

Until this year, being a member of a county electoral council was a fairly low-key bureaucratic role.

But this year like James verini shows in his profile of Al Schmidt, the only Republican on the Philadelphia County Board of Elections, doing his job also meant resisting death threats while making momentary decisions that could affect the nation’s outlook on the outcome of the elections. elections. And Schmidt had many sleepless nights while he was there.

During the process, officials tasked with counting (and recounting) the ballots worked in the Philadelphia Convention Center, where they were entombed from the outside world in a windowless hangar. James writes of Schmidt:

The convention center began to remind him of certain settings, none of them liked: a casino, a tomb. “We are in this huge room,” he said. “It has no windows. Everyone works day and night. And there are all kinds of things going on in the outside world. You don’t know if it’s dark, you don’t know if it’s bright. It is very disorienting. And it’s also kind of like you’re in a fortress, because we have all this security, and you’re under siege by political actors outside.

At the same time, Schmidt was on Twitter, brushing aside the president’s false claims that he had won Pennsylvania. Read on in The Times Magazine for the full profile, which follows Schmidt through the tumultuous electoral process.

As part of the DealBook DC Policy Project, The Times convened a virtual panel of experts earlier this month to discuss economic policy priorities in the months and years to come. The consensus was that a huge aid package is needed to keep households and businesses afloat.

Learn more and watch the videos of the discussion.

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