Biden plans as Trump holds up

Nov 12, 2020 Travel News

Biden plans as Trump holds up

Biden appoints chief of staff as his lead only widens – but Trump still insists, “WE WILL WIN!” It‘s Thursday, and here’s your policy tip sheet. register here to get On Politics delivered to your inbox every day of the week.

Trump spoke with advisers in the Oval Office yesterday.

We wrote to you yesterday in this space about how Trump fell out of favor with Rupert Murdoch, whose news outlets – including Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Post – began to accept the reality of the victory for Biden.

There is another influential conservative media impresario who criticized Trump – although much more insurgent. This is Matt Drudge, who has aggregated news articles on the homepage of his influential website, Drudge Report, since 1995.

He had been a Trump fan since the start of the 2016 campaign, but he seems to have turned against the president long before Trump lost the election to Biden, like our reporter. Tiffany Hsu written in a new article.

We spoke to Tiffany about the evolution of the relationship between Trump and Drudge and why she seems to have moved south.

When Donald Trump entered the Republican primary escalator race in 2015, he was seen as a heterodox conservative, an outsider, and a pot shaker – much like the character Matt Drudge cultivated online. What do you think Drudge saw in Trump?

It’s more what they saw in each other. Matthew Lysiak, who published his book “The Drudge Revolution” this year, wrote that Drudge “has known for a long time that Donald Trump translates into pageviews” and that “no one in the Republican primaries understood better how much Matt controlled the conservative echo chamber. better than Donald Trump. They knew from the start that there was a mutually beneficial relationship to be had.

You wrote how crucial Drudge’s support was to Trump’s rise to power. Twenty-five years after starting, what is the strength of its influence today?

He has over half a million followers on Twitter and just a tweet. Several conservative news sites have recently sprung up, emulating the look and voice of Drudge Report. He’s clearly a guy with massive influence, although data suggests his readership has been declining in recent months.

When does Drudge seem to have turned against Trump? Do we have any idea why?

People really started to notice the divide in the summer of 2019, when Drudge Report published a headline about the slow progress on Trump’s border wall. Lysiak reported that Drudge used to cut ties with the people in her life, including falling out with Ann Coulter in 2017 and ignoring Laura Ingraham when she launched a website in 2015.

Maybe Drudge is used to the end of relationships. Perhaps he wanted to gain attention by breaking up with Trump. It‘s unclear.

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