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Biden begins receiving briefings as president-elect.

President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris received their first comprehensive intelligence briefings since the election on Monday, transition officials said.

While briefings for presidents-elect typically begin shortly after elections, the presentation of the president’s daily newsletter to Mr Biden and Ms Harris has been delayed as the Trump administration postponed the start of the transition.

Mr Biden received briefings during the campaign, but they focused mainly on foreign threats to the election. The President’s Daily Summary will give Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris a much broader look at threats to national security in the United States.

Distribution of the daily brief is at the sole discretion of the President. Shortly after the General Service Administration approved the formal transition process that was scheduled to begin on November 24, the White House approved Mr. Biden’s receipt of the daily brief. The logistics of setting up the classified sessions postponed their start until Monday, according to a Trump administration official.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence assigns an individual briefer to each senior official who receives a version of the daily brief. This briefer shapes the presentation based on the needs of the senior official or, in this case, the new president.

Mr Biden and Ms Harris each received in-person briefings from an intelligence official. They will also have access to the briefing itself, a more detailed and comprehensive classified intelligence document, which is delivered on a secure tablet.

Mr. Biden will have to wait until he is in the White House to make big changes to the case, setting collection or analysis priorities for intelligence agencies. Nonetheless, the transition briefings will allow intelligence agencies to begin to get a feel for the kinds of questions Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris are asking themselves and the current direction of their foreign policy.

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