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Barr sees ‘no reason’ for special advice for Hunter Biden or election

WASHINGTON – Attorney General William P. Barr said Monday he saw no reason to appoint special counsels to oversee the Justice Department’s ongoing criminal investigation into Hunter Biden, son of President-elect Joseph R. Biden, Jr., or to baselessly investigate President Trump. allegations of widespread electoral fraud, again undermining Mr. Trump’s efforts to bend the department to his political will and overturn the election results.

At a press conference to announce charges in an unrelated terrorism case, Mr Barr said he “saw no reason to appoint a special advocate” to oversee the ongoing investigation into young Mr. Biden.

“I don’t plan to do this before I leave,” Barr said. “As long as there is an investigation, I think it is handled in a responsible and professional manner.”

He also said he would appoint a special advocate to oversee an investigation into electoral fraud if he felt such fraud was justified. “But I didn’t and I’m not going to do it,” Barr said. He added that he saw “no reason” for the federal government to seize the voting machines.

Mr Barr’s comments will certainly further poison his relationship with Mr Trump, who has expressed rage that Mr Barr did not do more to help him overturn the November election results.

Mr. Barr has long been viewed as the most loyal and effective member of Mr. Trump’s cabinet, who on several occasions made decisions that directly benefited Mr. Trump and his allies. But his relationship with the president was severed in the wake of the election after he publicly stated that he had not seen enough electoral fraud to change the election result and it became clear that he kept it a secret the ongoing investigation into Mr. Biden’s son.

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