Arrest leads to tragedy in Rio Grande valley

Oct 24, 2020 Travel News

Arrest leads to tragedy in Rio Grande valley

MPs found Mr Gonzalez and made him wake up, according to the Texas Rangers report. At first they ordered Mr. Gonzalez to go to sleep in a trailer, but Sergeant Treviño decided to arrest him after Mr. Duque said he did not live on the property.

Mr Gonzalez later told his sister he was scared, so he ran away – maybe, she said, because he knew the sheriff’s office was cooperating with the sheriff’s services. immigration and customs.

Members have addressed it. Mr. Duque said in an interview that Mr. Gonzalez, who weighed 6 feet 3 inches and 235 pounds, ran but did not fight when officers handcuffed him.

“He just didn’t want to be arrested,” he said.

Jesus Reyes, a tenant, said he saw “one deputy pick up Jorge’s hands from the back, another tripped him and the third looked like he had hit or shot Jorge’s head.

Mr Reyes said Mr Gonzalez fell to the ground head first and appeared to be unconscious after that, but Mr Reyes then heard the sound of a taser and heard Mr Gonzalez scream.

At that time, another witness told the Texas Rangers that MPs handcuffed and shackled Mr. Gonzalez to the patrol cars, but when they reached the cars, Mr. Gonzalez fell to the ground again. Next, the witness saw a deputy kneel on Mr. Gonzalez’s back and a second kneel on his neck.

In a dash cam video from inside a patrol car, according to the investigator, Deputy Cabrera could be seen shooting Mr. Gonzalez in the chest in the back seat, he said. -he declares. Mr. Gonzalez kept saying that the deputies had “paralyzed” him. “I’m not breathing,” he said, using words similar to those Mr. Floyd had used during his arrest. “Come get me.”