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After big Trump win, ‘it’s really hard to say Florida is a real swing state’

More worrying for Democrats, however, is that Mr. Trump also did better than four years ago statewide with non-Cuban Hispanic voters, who tend to be more liberal. Exit polls conducted for the National Election Poll showed Joseph R. Biden Jr. fell short of 60% of Hispanic voters statewide, compared with two-thirds captured by Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Luis Ruiz, 60, who is Colombian-American and registered with no party affiliation, said he voted for Mr. Trump despite his disappointment with the president’s leadership during the pandemic. Mr Ruiz, a Miami resident, said Mr Trump’s policy towards Latin America likely kept left-wing governments in the region under control.

“Trump’s policies, in a way, benefit our countries,” Ruiz said.

As the results arrived on Tuesday, outspoken Democrats such as State Representative Anna V.

“There was a bloodbath in South Florida,” Ms. Eskamani said.

Thursday, Terrie Rizzo, President of the Florida Democratic Party, promised a “deep dive” in what had gone wrong.

Mr Biden beat Mr Trump in Miami-Dade County, but by a margin of just seven percentage points, worse than any Democratic presidential candidate since John Kerry in 2004. In 2016, Clinton won Miami-Dade by almost 30 points. .

Mr. Biden improved Ms. Clinton’s performance in other locations, including Duval County, home of Jacksonville; Seminole County, near Orlando; and Pinellas County, home to Largo, who have all gone from Republican to Democrat. But these were modest gains at best, with Mr. Trump building on his lead even outside the voice-rich Miami-Dade.

Democrats had thought their chances had improved with Mr. Biden as the candidate. After all, he was on the ticket with former President Barack Obama when he won Florida twice. But that was before the coronavirus pandemic froze Democrats’ efforts to register voters, campaign in person, or entice Mr. Biden and his top surrogates to visit.

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