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Across the country, protesters are insisting that the votes be counted – or not.

PORTLAND, Oregon – Protests erupted across the country as the compilation of ballots in the final battlefield states continued, with some protesters demanding that every vote be counted and others insisting that the count be stopped .

In Portland, where a “Count Every Vote” protest merged with one focused on racial justice and police brutality, some people walked away from the group and smashed windows in the downtown area. The police labeled the incidents as a riot and invaded.

In Minneapolis, hundreds of protesters blocked Interstate 94 and police made arrests, with protesters taking to social media to say that police had “boiled” or tricked them there to prevent them from getting out. disperse.

Protests also erupted in Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and other cities. Some protesters called for all votes to be counted, but in other places their agenda was not entirely clear. Sometimes people on the same side of the election pursued opposing goals.

In Detroit, a pro-Trump protest called for an end to the vote count – echoing the president’s unsubstantiated claim that illegally cast ballots were being counted to turn the race over to his opponent, Joseph R. Biden Jr.

But in Maricopa County, Arizona, where Mr. Trump follows Mr. Biden, supporters of the president have taken the opposite direction. They gathered in front of the election office and chanted “Count those votes!