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A Trump brief would sell. Will publishers buy it?

But the industry’s flashback to a Trump memoir, especially since he refuses to admit he lost the election, risks being serious.

Celeste Ng, author of the bestselling novel “Little Fires Everywhere,” said she would not hesitate to denounce her publisher, Penguin Random House, if it struck a deal with Mr. Trump.

“We have every reason to believe that a Trump memoir would be mostly disinformation, unsubstantiated opinions and unfounded lies,” she said in an email. “Don’t pay him to do it and don’t give him the legitimacy of a contract with a big publishing house. If you define yourself as the gatekeeper, you are responsible for what goes through your gate.

Some prominent writers who have sharply criticized the president have said they would not object to a publisher taking on the project. Stephen King, who has frequently denounced Mr. Trump on Twitter, said in an email that Mr. Trump should be able to publish his book, as a matter of principle.

“Everything he wrote would be a bunch of selfish lies, but I believe in the freedom of people to read whatever they want and I hate censorship,” said Mr. King, one of the most authoritative authors. sold from Simon & Schuster. . “Let him publish, if he wants to. I hope my editor won’t be the one to do it, but anyway I can’t wait to see the reviews take it down.

Literary agents were also divided over whether the industry should embrace Mr. Trump. Esther Newberg, co-director of the publishing division of ICM Partners, said that while she hoped none of the big houses would buy Mr. Trump’s book, she couldn’t afford to stop doing business. with them if they did. But, she said, she represents writers whom she expects to take their work elsewhere.