North Carolina Primary Election Results: 11th House District

Nov 25, 2020 Travel News

A Poem of Gratitude from Ohio

I spent time today studying

front lines, linked to one another

Zoom meeting, my screen a window

of windows inside a dollhouse.

I like to think that I have good ears

and what i hear from ohioans

is that – grateful.

Grateful for a governor who believes

in masks and distancing, feeding

displaced schoolchildren and poetry.

Grateful for an unusual autumn sun

and the gentle breezes dominate

until november the leaves hang

in their colors like a Matisse painting

or a toddler with a Crayolas fist.

The election is over. Time goes by

then move again and the forehead wrinkles

are bar charts, flesh and bones

courage diagrams.

– Kari Gunter-Seymour, Poet Laureate from Ohio