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A man who carried a Confederate flag in the Capitol was arrested.

A man who was pictured holding a Confederate battle flag inside the U.S. Capitol last week during the riot was arrested in Delaware on Thursday, two law enforcement officials said. The man, Kevin Seefried, was wanted by the FBI, who had asked the public for help in identifying him and had widely circulated a dispatch plastered with images from him.

In a newsletter, the agency said it was seeking help in identifying people “who had made an illegal entry” into the Capitol, and asked the public to refer to Photo No.30 when providing advice on the whereabouts of the man with the Confederate flag, now identified by The New York Times as Mr. Seefried.

The FBI had received more than 126,000 photo and video tips earlier this week, as officers also cleaned manifestos from airline passengers and videos of air travelers to and from Washington for potential suspects. The chief federal prosecutor in Washington said this week that he expected the number of people charged with crimes related to the Capitol Riot to reach hundreds.

Federal agents made new arrests in New York, Maryland, Texas and Florida on Wednesday, including a firefighter in the town of Sanford, near Orlando.

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