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A Biden-Trump stalemate, for now

“I am here to tell you tonight, we think we are on the right track to winning this election,” he said. “We knew that due to the unprecedented early voting and postal voting it was going to take some time. We will have to be patient until the hard work of counting the votes is over. And it’s not over until every vote is counted, every ballot is counted.

Republicans yesterday won hotly contested Senate races in at least two states, Alabama and Iowa, and have reversed at least six House seats, so far giving them a net gain of four seats in that bedroom.

But Democrats also won two Senate seats in Colorado and Arizona, and close races remain final in North Carolina, Georgia, Michigan and Maine – most of them potential Democratic pickups. . The party’s path to a majority in the Senate may have narrowed somewhat, but the fate of the House, it can be said, is still at stake.

Based on the states that have already been declared, Biden needs 43 more electoral votes to reach the golden ratio of 270, and Trump needs 57.

The three northern states that turned to Trump in 2016 – Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania – remain final. The same goes for North Carolina and Georgia, both of which were chosen for him in 2016 but have been heavily targeted by Democrats this cycle, and both of whom are on the verge of having competed in races. in the Senate linked to the presidential election.

In many of those as-yet-un-called states, Trump leads in terms of the ballot counted – but that could easily change as more mail-in ballots and some in-person votes continue to be tallied.

In Georgia, as Biden mentioned in his speech, Democrats are feeling optimistic. There are still many votes to come from the Atlanta area; in DeKalb County, for example, one of the state’s biggest first in-person votes didn’t even start counting until last night.