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As tensions between Republicans escalate, Georgia recount runs smoothly

Mr Raffensperger also hit back at Representative Doug Collins, who oversees Mr Trump’s efforts in Georgia and who accused the secretary of state of giving in to pressure from the Democrats. Mr. Raffensperger called Mr. Collins a “liar” and a “charlatan”.

The extraordinary and painstaking effort to recount every vote in each of Georgia’s 159 counties began Friday morning, and counties have until late Wednesday, just before midnight, to complete the job. As of Monday evening, 4.3 million ballots had been recounted, according to the Secretary of State’s office, out of just under five million votes.

The secretary of state’s office on Monday refused to release the results of the counties for the various counties. But over the weekend, Patrick Moore, a lawyer for the Biden campaign, said Democrats were keeping tabs on the county-by-county results and found that although discrepancies between the original tally and the recount emerged , they were underage and would not affect Mr. Biden’s favorite status in the state.

“As expected, counties that have completed their audit so far have shifted the vote totals, but almost imperceptibly, and so far in favor of Joe Biden,” Moore said at a press conference telephone.

With the ballots recently uncovered in Floyd County, Mr Biden’s lead will drop from about 14,200 to about 13,300 votes, according to Mr Sterling. The New York Times declared Mr Biden the winner of Georgia’s 16 election votes on Friday, joining a number of major news agencies.

Mr Sterling said Floyd County officials discovered the problem midway through the recount. Mr. Sterling called the mistake a “gross incompetence” on the part of the Floyd County Electoral Officer and said Mr. Raffensperger asked the principal to resign.

It was the Trump campaign that demanded a manual recount last week in a letter to Mr. Raffensperger. Shortly after, Mr Raffensperger ordered the recount, which his office said was technically an audit.

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After warnings he could go off the rails, the election actually went smoothly

Even that, Ms Woodall-Vogg said, was a pretty normal experience.

“In the previous elections, the police followed me in my car,” she said. “This time it was a question of how I was going to do it effectively with a media barrage. It was not out of the ordinary.

In Michigan, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson has recruited more than 30,000 election workers to run polling stations and, in Detroit, work around the clock counting the state’s three million mail-in votes.

In Detroit, that meant putting together three teams of 700 to 800 people each who would begin counting the ballots when polling stations opened on election day and would work continuously until the job was finished on Wednesday. midday. In the August primary, with half the number of votes missing, it took Michigan officials two full days after the election to complete the tally, Benson said.

Crystal Reed, 52, from Warren, Mich., Was among the new polling officers.

Ms Reed, who works for the Michigan League of Conservation Voters, arrived at an elementary school at 5:20 a.m. to begin preparing for the poll at 7 a.m. She then spent the whole day working on the tabulator, helping people insert their ballots into a counting machine before making sure they left with the ubiquitous “I Voted” sticker.

She stayed until 9 p.m., leaving optimistic about democracy and its place in it.

“I love making people happy and seeing the smiles on those people’s faces, it was really cool,” Ms. Reed said. “I think when you smile and have that positive energy, it can bounce off them and make them happy too.”

Luke Broadwater, Nick Corasaniti and Jesse McKinley contributed reporting.