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DNA points to single coyote in series of attacks in California

California wildlife officials believe a single coyote is responsible for a series of recent attacks on Bay Area residents.

DNA taken from the bites and clothing of the victims revealed that all four residents were attacked by the same coyote, California Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Captain Patrick Foy said on Wednesday.

The agency and police attempt to capture the coyote.

The latest attack took place at around 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday in Moraga, a suburban town of about 16,000 residents east of San Francisco.

A woman was walking with her 3-year-old daughter on a street when a coyote attacked and bit the girl, Chief Jon B. King of the Moraga Police Department said on Wednesday.

The woman pushed the coyote away, which then fled, he said. The girl, who received three bites, was treated at the scene and taken to hospital by her mother. After the attack, a neighbor took a photo of the coyote roaming the neighborhood, according to KPIX-TV in San Francisco.

“The four attacks are within two miles of each other, which is nothing for a coyote to come and go,” said Captain Foy.

On the morning of December 4, a coyote attacked Kenji Sytz while he was working on a high school field with friends.

“I went downstairs to do my last set of push-ups and I felt a sting that immediately turned into a sharp pain,” recalls Mr. Sytz, 45, in a telephone interview on Wednesday.

“I looked back in a push-up position and on my left leg, hooked up, there was a coyote,” he says.

“I shook my leg,” he continued. “He didn’t let go. I rolled onto my side and with a closed fist punched him in the nose and he released himself.

When the coyote did not immediately leave the field, Mr. Sytz screamed and raised his arms to scare him. With the help of a friend of his, the coyote finally retreated.

Mr Sytz went to the emergency room, where his four bite wounds – two in the shin and two in the calf – were cleaned and treated.

“He has helped me very well,” said Mr Sytz, adding that he received a series of tetanus and rabies vaccines in the weeks following the attack.

Mr Sytz, who grew up in Moraga, said he was used to seeing coyotes in the community and in the hills, but they usually don’t come close to humans.

The coyote he encountered was different.

“He wanted to continue to engage, the opposite of what an animal does in this situation,” he said.

Later that month, a coyote bit a grocery store worker on the lower leg behind the store in Lafayette, north of Moraga, Captain Foy said.

The man jumped up and screamed aggressively with two other people until the coyote ran away, he said.

And in July, a coyote bit a 2-year-old boy in the parking lot of a park. A nanny who looked after the boy used a bicycle helmet to hit the coyote and chase it away, Captain Foy said.

“In each of the attacks, we collected the victim’s clothes and dabbed the bite wound,” he said of DNA testing.

In December, the agency’s law enforcement division confirmed that the same coyote was involved in all three attacks.

Mr Sytz said his heart sank when he learned the same coyote was linked to this week’s attack, which took place near his home. “I immediately thought, what neighborhood kid was bitten?” he said.

Captain Foy said he was unsure why the coyote had been so aggressive towards people and that it was not clear what had triggered the rampage. He said there was no evidence to suggest the coyote had rabies.

“This will be one of the main objectives of the investigation, if we can get our hands on this animal,” he said.

Coyotes are unpredictable, said Chief King.

“These are wild animals,” he said, “and as we have more and more people living at the interface between urban and wild lands, these encounters are going to become more and more important.”

Coyotes are known to live in residential neighborhoods where they can survive on squirrels, mice, rabbits, and birds.

They have long been present in much of North America, but since 1900 their range has grown. In recent decades, they have settled in urban areas.

By nature, they are nocturnal and afraid of humans, and they try to stay out of sight.

“The vast majority of coyotes, you never see them,” said Captain Foy.

Attacks are generally rare, he said, but last year at least 10 coyote attacks were reported in California.

Captain Foy said he couldn’t explain the rise, but anecdotal evidence suggested more people were spending time in state parks and in the wild “because we’re all locked in our homes under quarantine. . “

On its website, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife offers safety tips for people when they encounter a coyote, such as making loud noises to scare it off or throwing stones at it.

“And if those things don’t work, then it’s a call to 911,” Chief King said.

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Filmmakers Examine Woody Allen’s Abuse Allegations In Four-Part Series

Documentary directors Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering have spent the past decade shedding light on accusations of sexual abuse in institutions like the military, in “The Invisible War” (2012); colleges, in “The Hunting Ground” (2015); and the music industry, in “On the Record” (2020). Now, they’ve set their sights on Dylan Farrow’s decades-old sexual abuse allegations against his adoptive father, Woody Allen.

“Allen v. Farrow ”is a four-part documentary series set to debut later this month that takes viewers into Farrow’s public experience of accusing a famous and powerful man of abuse, but also exposes details of the matter which has not been shared with the Public.

Initially, Farrow’s story did not fit Dick and Ziering’s usual general inquiries, but upon closer examination, the filmmakers found it offered them a chance to discuss child abuse and incest, a topic that survivors have consistently asked the two to tackle.

“I was haunted by these stories,” Ziering said. “This is the third rail. This is what nobody talks about.

Everyone, however, is talking about Woody Allen and Mia Farrow. The then Hollywood power couple had been together for 12 years. Never marry and keep separate residences, they shot 13 movies together, adopted two children (Dylan and Moses) and fathered another (Satchel, who changed his name to Ronan after his parents separated). They were talking about the city until it all fell apart in 1992. Over the course of eight months, Farrow discovered nude photos of his then college-aged daughter Soon-Yi Previn in Allen’s apartment. ; That summer, 7-year-old Dylan said Allen sexually assaulted her. These accusations led to a nasty custody fight and a permanently torn family apart. Allen has consistently denied the charges, and after investigations in Connecticut and New York City, he has not been charged with a felony.

As the media focused on the scandal for so many years, Dick said he thought he knew the story and was initially reluctant to go into it further. “It has been covered so extensively and a lot of our work is devoted to new cases,” he said. “But as we got into it, we found that there was a lot more. We pivoted because we realized the full story had never come out. “

The filmmakers, along with investigative producer Amy Hurdy, spent three years researching court documents and police reports, and conducting in-depth interviews with numerous witnesses who had never spoken to the public before.

Scheduled for February 21 on HBO, the series features a personal video shot by Mia Farrow while her children were growing up in Connecticut and audio she surreptitiously recorded of some conversations she had with Allen. And, for the first time, we see the video account of 7-year-old Dylan shot dead by Farrow following the charges. The gang has become something of a hot button over the past two decades, characterized by one side as proof of its truthfulness and the other side as proof that Farrow coached his daughter in her responses. The filmmakers are also raising questions about a crucial report released by the Yale Child Sexual Abuse Clinic, at Yale-New Haven Hospital, which found Dylan not to be credible after interviewing the child nine times over a period of seven. month.

Neither Allen, Soon-Yi Previn, nor Moses Farrow participated in the documentary. (The majority of Farrow’s other living children have done so.) They declined to comment in response to the show, which they have yet to see.

I asked Dick and Ziering why they decided to get involved. Below are edited excerpts from our conversation.

For so long this story has been described as a family drama, she says, with many declaring, “We will never know the truth.”

AMY ZIERING Digging closer you see it’s he said, he said, he said, he said, he said, he said, she said [whispered], he said, he said, he said, he said. But we didn’t know it. No one knew. When you get that echo chamber from a certain perspective and a certain narrative, you don’t realize the source. That’s what was interesting when we unboxed it. And as we started hearing the “she said” part and fact-checking the “he said” part, it became extremely interesting.

Since the start of the #MeToo movement, Allen has been ostracized in a number of ways: Amazon canceled its multi-frame movie deal. His latest film has yet to find distribution in the United States. The first editor of his memoirs has backed down. Some actors have said they will not be working with him in the future. Why publish this documentary now?

ZIERING Our goal is never about the author. It’s more about understanding all these crimes, understanding how we are all complicit in these crimes and I mean all of us, both consciously and unintentionally. It’s also about how do you talk about something that’s happening all the time in America that no one feels comfortable talking about? It is not the full exploration of it. It’s one way to get people to think about it.

TAIL Like “On the Record”, where people got to experience what happens when a person decides to come forward and the immediate consequences, it permeates the experience of those involved. That’s why it’s not just about someone being accused.

Whether by the media or by Allen himself, Farrow has long been described as somewhat unstable? Was it your perception of her engaging in this business and has that changed?

TAIL I just want to say that suspicion and criticism of mothers in general in this society is just evidence of misogyny. People like to “blame” mothers for everything. So from the start, I was very suspicious of this story because it’s a misogynistic story – the idea of ​​the hysterical woman, the mad woman. This is what is put forward not only in cases of incest, which are quite common, but also in cases of sexual assault. Hearing this made me very, very suspicious.

ZIERING There are incredible wills [to Farrow] and people will see the home videos that Mia has taken of her children throughout their lives. We received a lot of love and praise from the people we interviewed about her qualities as a mother.

Was Dylan reluctant to give you the tape of her at age 7, the tape that has been at the center of this controversy for so long?

ZIERING It took a long time for Dylan to feel comfortable and safe sharing this video. And once she shared it, there were settings as to whether she would agree to us actually using it. It was gradual. We don’t want to contribute to someone else’s pain.

At the end of the documentary, Mia says she’s still scared of Woody, actually worried about what he’ll do when he sees this series. Why, then, did she decide to participate? What was his goal?

ZIERING She didn’t want to be a part of it. She did this for her daughter, Dylan. In fact, in the interview you see her in, she’s in my shirt. I literally had to borrow a shirt from someone else and give them my shirt because when she showed up she didn’t want to do the interview, she was so unhappy. What was she wearing? I don’t even remember.

She said, “My daughter came to see me, told me it was important to me and that I needed you to do this for me.” And she said, “I support my children. I’ll take the fire. I don’t know you, Amy. I don’t know Kirby. I know your work. I was sorry for doing nothing.

In the series, there is a lot of control over the Yale-New Haven clinic. From the number of times clinicians interviewed Dylan to the fact that all concurrent interview notes from those sessions were destroyed when the final report was released. In your previous sexual abuse investigations, have you ever seen a situation where notes like this were destroyed?

TAIL I did not have. It’s really shocking that the notes got destroyed but that’s one of the reasons the full story never came out, and if it had all been transparent we wouldn’t have made this series.

How actively did you try to reach Soon-Yi, Moses, and Woody? Have you ever received a response from one of them?

TAIL We really reached out. We didn’t expect them to talk. If we made a movie about Woody Allen’s career, he probably wouldn’t speak to us. It didn’t surprise us.

Were there any threats of legal action or anything from Camp Allen while you were planning this?

TAIL No. We always pay attention to fact checking. We have been scrupulous about accuracy.

ZIERING As we always are. We never had to withdraw a fact. It would have been easier, legally, to adapt a book or do a story about someone who is already convicted. This way you are not in front of a moving train. But we are actually running in front of moving trains, unfortunately. So the only thing that can save us is truth and extreme caution. We are not yet dead.

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How a series of failures led to the attack on the Capitol.

The chaos caused by the Capitol siege last week revealed that the relevant law enforcement agencies did not have a coordinated plan to defend against an attack – particularly an attack specifically targeting powerful elected officials – despite warnings for decades. years on the growing threat of national terrorism.

Capitol Police and Washington Metropolitan Police had rejected offers days earlier for additional National Guard assistance beyond a relatively small contingent to provide traffic control, so no additional troops were made. ‘had been put on hold. It took them a little over four hours to arrive.

These were just two failures in a dizzying list that day and the run-up to the attack – which culminated in the first occupation of the United States Capitol since British troops torched the building during the War of 1812 But death and destruction this time was brought on by Americans, rallying behind the inflammatory language of an American president, who refused to accept the will of the more than 81 million other Americans who had rejected him. .

A full calculation will take months, if not years, and many lawmakers have called for an official commission to investigate.

President Trump’s call at a rally that day for the crowd to march on the nearby Capitol was surely a spark that helped spark the deadly riots that left five people dead – including a police officer and a woman who stormed the building – injured dozens more and damaged the country’s reputation for peaceful transfers of power. But the fire tinder had been rallying for months, with every tweet the election had been stolen, every refusal by Republican lawmakers to recognize Joseph R. Biden Jr. as the next president, every dog ​​whistle that emboldened white supremacist groups. hit violently.

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Inside a deadly siege: how a series of failures led to a dark day on the Capitol

With the police in the lead, guns drawn, the group stumbled into chaos, Crow said. Some police rushed to barricade other doors to block the crowds. Others pinned rioters to the ground to allow lawmakers to pass.

Due to efforts to limit the number of people in the chamber, several lawmakers and assistants took refuge in their offices, scattered around the complex. Some were not contacted by the police, even though they were barricaded inside.

Many members of the House remained in a safe place, where they could have been exposed to someone with coronavirus, the attending physician’s office said on Sunday.

Representative Lisa Blunt Rochester, Democrat of Delaware, urged a handful of Republicans to wear masks, to no avail. Representatives Hakeem Jeffries, Democrat of New York, and Liz Cheney, Republican of Wyoming, regularly updated the room, as lawmakers called their families and checked their staff.

On the side of the Capitol Senate, the rioters have come dangerously close to the lawmakers. As they approached, a quick-witted Capitol policeman pushed one of them, then backed away, and the crowd chased him. The officer’s maneuver helped push crowds away from a Senate entrance several yards away, according to a video taken by Igor Bobic, a reporter for HuffPost.

In a safe, undisclosed location, South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham yelled at Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Michael C. Stenger, demanding a plan and ordering him to eliminate the rioters, according to a person in the room. Mr Stenger was circling around, the person said, inspiring no confidence that he was in control. He has since resigned, as has Chef Sund. Across the Capitol, urgent voices sizzled over police radios, giving details of the ongoing siege.

“There was certainly a higher sense of urgency” over police radio traffic as rioters violated the east side of the Capitol, said Ashan M. Benedict, head of the Washington field office of the Office of the United Nations. alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives, who worked with Capitol Police at the nearby Republican Party headquarters, where a homemade bomb was found.

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2 killed in a series of Halloween stab wounds in Quebec

Quebec police on Sunday arrested a man dressed in a medieval costume who allegedly killed at least two people and injured several others in a spree of stabbing on Halloween.

The attacks took place Saturday evening in a neighborhood near the Quebec provincial parliament building. Police advised residents to avoid the Parliament Hill neighborhood and stay indoors while they search for the assailant.

Police said they arrested a man suspected of carrying out the attacks on Sunday shortly before 1 a.m., but advised residents to stay inside while an investigation was ongoing.

Two people were killed and five were injured, CBC / Radio-Canada reported, citing police spokesperson Étienne Doyon. The man arrested was in his twenties, the spokesperson said, without providing further details.