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Video: Pennsylvania official says integrity of state voting processes ‘unprecedented’

Pennsylvanians have more choices about how they voted this year than they ever have in Commonwealth history. And no matter how they voted, what’s essential here is that we have very strong processes in place. The strength of the integrity of this vote is truly unprecedented. Same thing when you vote in person, it’s true: you have to be registered, you go, you register in the poll book – it’s all tracked. Our voting systems and databases ensure that no voter can vote more than one. So, you know, I can just say, really, it doesn’t matter how you chose to vote this year – and so many Pennsylvanians have, and it looks like it’s going to be a really big turnout when we finalize the numbers – that each method is incredibly safe and secure. I think, you know, the overwhelming majority of in-person votes were counted. We are in a very good position with postal and postal ballots, but not quite yet. But then there will always be provisional ballots, military and overseas ballots and so on. So the closer the race, the longer it takes. But I think what I’ve said all along is that the overwhelming majority of the ballots will be counted by Friday. I still think we’re ahead of schedule – we’ve actually already counted the overwhelming majority of the ballots, but since it’s a close race, it’s not clear who’s the winner yet.