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Video: ‘Bad and really corrupt advertising’, says Trump, condemning enemies

new video loaded: ‘Bad and really corrupt publicity,’ says Trump, condemning enemies



‘Bad and really corrupt publicity,’ says Trump, condemning enemies

President Trump used the first of his five rallies scheduled for Monday to voice grievances over the polls, the media and the investigation into Russian interference in the election.

We have been under a false hoax investigation for three years. Nothing but bad and really corrupt publicity from these people. And I say, I wonder what the difference would have been if it had been legitimate – that’s right – if it had been legitimate, and it turned out to be the exact opposite. They are the ones who committed the crimes, not us. But I wonder what it would have been – it probably would have been a little easier. But do you know the good news? We’re going to win anyway. And you know I have five to do today, so let’s go. [cheering] And I appreciate you being here. We give the power back to you, the American people. With your help, your dedication and your drive, we will continue to work. We will continue to fight. We will continue to win, win, win.

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