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National Guard troops who protected the Capitol for Biden’s inauguration were told to sleep in a parking lot.

National Guard troops who were brought in to protect Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s nomination as president found themselves sleeping in an unheated garage hours after being kicked off the Capitol on Thursday, causing an uproar among the lawmakers who rushed to push them back.

The troops were among more than 20,000 members of the National Guard who provided security for the inauguration on Wednesday. They were transferred Thursday afternoon to the nearby Thurgood Marshall Federal Judicial Building, said Captain Edwin Nieves Jr., spokesperson for the Washington, DC branch of the National Guard.

“As Congress is in session and foot traffic and business is on the increase, Capitol Police have asked troops to move their rest area outside the Capitol,” Captain Nieves said, adding that the relocation was temporary. The DC National Guard did not say how many soldiers were stationed in the garages or how long they would stay there.

Two Guard soldiers, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said they had been relocated without explanation and had no adequate electricity, heating or toilets. One soldier estimated there were 1,000 soldiers sharing a portable toilet outside the garage.

“No orientation on the mission, the length of the mission, nothing,” the soldier said.

The soldiers also said their comrades were breathing exhaust fumes because the garage in the Thurgood Marshall center was still being used for parking.

Captain Nieves said the move was temporary and the garage had heating and toilets.

“We remain an agile and flexible force to ensure the safety and security of the Capitol and its surroundings,” he said.

Reports of the move sparked protests from lawmakers from both parties, including the parliamentary minority leader Kevin mccarthy, Republican and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democrat of New York. Some have offered to house the Guard troops in their offices.

“This is unacceptable and needs to be corrected,” Arizona Democrat Senator Mark Kelly wrote on Twitter.


On social media, some lawmakers said they were making efforts to bring troops back to Capitol Hill.

In a tweet, Sen. Chris Murphy, Democrat of Connecticut, said he spoke to the acting Capitol Police chief about the issue.

The DC Guard did not immediately respond to a request Thursday night, inquiring about efforts to bring troops back to Capitol Hill.

On Tuesday, the Pentagon said 12 Guardsmen were removed from their posts during Mr. Biden’s inauguration after officials discovered they had written texts and social media posts containing comments threatening to politicians.

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Legislators call on travel industry to increase security ahead of inauguration

With the idea that there is strength in the numbers, or, at least, have an extra pair of eyes, US lawmakers have reached out to the travel industry asking for help to prevent another attack in Washington on the day of the inauguration similar to what it happened in the United States Capitol.

Increasing security is the topic of the week as Joe Biden prepares to be sworn in as the 46th president of the United States on Wednesday, January 20. Already, most travel entities have erred on the side of caution, with Airbnb blocking reservations in the Washington DC area this week.


Now, the House Oversight Committee has sent letters to more than two dozen travel-related businesses asking for help “identifying and preventing the continuing and extreme threat of further violent attacks” in Washington and elsewhere, according to CNN.

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Travel technology, man with airplane and laptop.

Letters were sent to bus line operators, car rental companies and hotels. The request says that the rioters who attacked the Capitol on January 6 “relied on a variety of companies and services to get them there and house them once they arrived.”

CNN noted that the letter asks companies to increase security and control of guests and to keep business records available for future investigation, as well as to provide Congress with records of any policies “currently in place or under development to ensure their services are not used to facilitate domestic violence or terrorism. “

Bus companies include Greyhound, Megabus, BoltBus, Lux Bus America, Vamoose, Jefferson Lines, Peter Pan, Flixbus, and RedCoach.

The car rental companies that received a letter were Enterprise, Hertz, Avis, National, Alamo, Budget, Dollar, and Thrifty.

And the hotels included Expedia (owner of VRBO), Intercontinental Hotels Group, Accor Group, Hyatt, Hilton, Choice Hotels, Marriott, Best Western International, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, and Extended Stay America.

Airlines like Delta have also stepped up, banning controlled firearms.


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Video: Chaos in Portland hours after Biden’s inauguration

TimesVideoChaos in Portland hours after Biden inauguration Federal agents used tear gas in Portland, Ore., Against protesters gathered outside an Immigration and Customs building near downtown.

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A close look at who attended Biden’s inauguration

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January 20, 2021

Due to the pandemic, the inaugural platform was less crowded than usual. Former President Donald J. Trump broke with tradition and did not attend. That’s who did it.

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California on inauguration day


Former President Donald J. Trump had already left the White House by the time many Californians woke up on Wednesday.

And at 9 a.m. on the West Coast, the nation had a new president, Joseph R. Biden Jr., and a new vice president, Kamala Harris – the first wife, first daughter of immigrants and the first Democrat of California to hold the role.

In his first speech to the world in his new post, the one he has worked for decades, President Biden made an urgent call for unity, a call to move forward.

“The will of the people has been heard and the will of the people has been heard,” he said. “We have learned again that democracy is precious. Democracy is fragile. And at this hour, my friends, democracy has prevailed.

[Find all the coverage of every aspect of the inauguration here.]

It was, to say the least, a big change.

For many Americans, the day marked an end – a return to some sort of normalcy. Millions of Californians were no doubt part of those sighs of relief.

But Wednesday was also the start of a new era, for the whole of the United States, and in particular for California, which for the past four years has been largely defined by its opposition to Washington.

Here are some themes to follow in the future:

How the Biden administration’s big policy changes will play out in California

After the ceremonies and the scaled-down parade, Mr. Biden got to work. He signed 17 executive orders, memoranda, and proclamations aimed squarely at overturning what aides described as the Trump administration’s most damaging policies.

This included orders quashing efforts to exclude residents who are not citizens from the census and strengthening the Deferred Action Program for Childhood Arrivals.

[Read more about President Biden’s immigration plans.]

On the climate change front, Mr Biden signed a letter to get the US back into the Paris climate accords and reversed cancellations of auto emissions rules, which had been a major point of contention between the United States. California and the Trump administration.

The president said these measures were just the start of more radical changes. And in California, progressives who might see these first steps as insufficient will no longer fight a Republican White House, but will negotiate with members of a Democratic administration – an administration that Gov. Gavin Newsom has pledged to fully support California.

[Read about all the orders in more detail.]

How Californian-dominated leadership will affect Washington

In the Capitol Rotunda on Wednesday, as congressional leaders presented gifts to the new president and vice-president, California’s large contingent was pretty hard to miss.

There was President Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat of San Francisco, presenting the couple with the two American flags that fluttered above the dedication ceremony.

“If we had had lunch, we would have had California wine, right, Madam Vice President?” Ms. Pelosi joked.

[Read more about the presentation of the gifts.]

And minority parliamentary leader Kevin McCarthy, a Republican from Bakersfield, gave them portraits of themselves being inaugurated shortly before.

“As a very proud California son, I have the honor to present to a very proud California girl,” said Mr. McCarthy.

While Mr. McCarthy and Ms. Pelosi have been congressional leaders for years, Ms. Harris’ rise will undoubtedly change the dynamics, bringing the California perspective to the executive for the first time in decades.

In addition, it will be a decisive vote in an equally divided Senate.

[Read the full story about the new vice president’s role.]

How California Republicans will adjust to the post-Trump era

While Mr. McCarthy was a friendly participant in the inaugural traditions Wednesday, he is representative of the strained position of the California Republican Party.

In a speech last week before Mr. Trump’s impeachment, Mr. McCarthy said that “the president bears responsibility for Wednesday’s attack on Congress by Mafia rioters.” But those comments came after Mr McCarthy voted to oppose the election results, along with the majority of his fellow Republicans. And Mr. McCarthy did not vote for impeachment.

[Read about the reaction from Mr. McCarthy’s home district.]

Now Mr. McCarthy – long known as ‘the guy everyone loved’ as Miriam Pawel recently put it in an opinion piece – is facing calls to resign, even from members of the his own party. The Sacramento Bee editorial board went so far as to call him a “soulless anti-democracy conspirator.”

At the same time, he has faced backlash in his own district for not supporting Mr. Trump enough.

It’s hard to say how these forces will come off at the polls, but there are signs the party is changing.

As The Sacramento Bee reported on Wednesday, a pro-Trump Republican leader – Shannon Grove, a state senator from Bakersfield – was ousted from her leadership role in the caucus after she repeated false statements about the Capitol crowd .

(This article is part of California today newsletter. Register to have it delivered to your inbox.)

Read more:

  • “It was very weird.” Hours after taking the oath, Mrs. Harris took the oath Senator Alex Padilla, who replaced her, as well as Senators Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, newly elected Democrats from Georgia. [The New York Times]

  • Doug Emhoff, the second gentleman, also made his share of history: He is the first man and the first Jewish spouse of a vice president. [The New York Times]

  • Wait so where Mrs. Harris and Mr. Emhoff will live? There is an official residence. Here’s what you need to know about the Number One Observatory Circle. [The New York Times]

  • Although there is strong security at the California State Capitol in Sacramento, not much has happened. [The New York Times]

If you don’t do anything else to catch up with Wednesday’s debates, you should watch Amanda Gorman’s recitation of her poem, “The Hill We Climb,” here. If you saw it the first time, watch it again. (And read his words here.)

On a day when so much history was made with so much of a spectacle loaded with symbolism – Lady Gaga sang the national anthem in a serious dress, Jennifer Lopez performed a song by Woody Guthrie and the first woman of color to become vice- president was sworn in by the first judge of the Latina Supreme Court – Ms Gorman’s voice was most memorable.

Ms. Gorman, the youngest inaugural poet in American history, grew up in Los Angeles and described herself as “a skinny black girl, descended from slaves and raised by a single mother,” who can dream of being president. one day, “just find yourself reciting for one.”

And like my colleague Nick Corasaniti highlighted on TwitterMs. Gorman actually told The Times in 2017 (aged 19) that she had presidential aspirations.

“It’s a long, long, distant goal, but in 2036 I am running for president of the United States,” she said. “So you can put that in your iCloud calendar.”

On Wednesday, she described the United States as she sees it: “a nation that is not broken, but simply incomplete.”

California Today goes live at 6:30 a.m. PT on weekdays. Tell us what you want to see: Have you been forwarded this email? Sign up for California Today here and read each edition online here.

Jill Cowan grew up in Orange County, graduated from UC Berkeley and has reported statewide, including the Bay Area, Bakersfield and Los Angeles – but she always wants to see more. Follow us here or on Twitter.

California Today is edited by Julie Bloom, who grew up in Los Angeles and graduated from UC Berkeley.

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Hours After Biden Inauguration, Federal Agents Use Tear Gas In Portland

PORTLAND, Oregon – Protesters in the Pacific Northwest smashed the windows of a Democratic Party headquarters, lit a trash can fire and burned an American flag on Wednesday night in a rude challenge by anti-fascist and racial justice protesters to President Biden’s new administration, whose reform promise, they said, “won’t save us.”

In Portland, Oregon, there were scenes of tear gas, shattered windows and lines of officers in camouflage uniforms – now working under the Biden administration – who clashed with a crowd outside an immigration building and customs near the city center.

Another tense protest in Seattle saw dozens of people making their way through the streets, with smashed windows, spray-painted anarchist badges and chanting not only about the ice, but the many other issues that rocked the streets of America last year under the administration of the former president. Donald J. Trump.

“No cops, prisons, borders, presidents,” said one banner, while another proclaimed the conflict over racial justice, police, immigration and corporate influence in the country. ‘was’ not finished’ simply because a new president had been inaugurated in Washington, DC

“A Democratic administration is not a victory for the oppressed,” said a leaflet distributed during the protests, in which protesters also smashed the windows of a store often described as the original Starbucks in downtown Montreal. Seattle. The communiques used profanity to condemn Mr. Biden and “his stupid” crime bill, passed in 1994 and charged with mass incarceration in the years that followed.

Hours after Mr. Biden’s inauguration, federal agents in Portland used tear gas and other crowd control ammunition to disperse protesters who had gathered to protest harsh arrest and arrest practices. detention by federal immigration authorities during the Trump administration.

Mr Biden signaled that immigration is going to be a key issue for his presidency, using some of his first executive orders on Wednesday to end construction of the border wall and strengthen the program that provides deportation protections for immigrants without papers that were brought into the country as children.

The conflict in Portland capped a day of protests in the liberal city, where different groups of protesters either decried Mr. Biden or called for activism to pressure the new president to act forcefully on the immigration, climate change, health care, racial justice and income. inequality.

Earlier today, a group of around 200 people – a mix of racial justice, anti-fascist and anarchist activists – marched to the local Democratic Party headquarters, where some of them smashed windows and knocked over containers garbage, igniting the contents of a burning one. . “We don’t want Biden – we want revenge,” a sign said, referring to the killings by police officers.

In a city that has seen months of protests over racial injustice, economic inequality, federal law enforcement and corporate power – and some of law enforcement’s toughest responses to such protests – the protesters vowed to continue their actions, regardless of the president. “We are ungovernable,” said a sign in the crowd.

In Seattle, about 150 people marched through the streets. Some buildings spray painted with an anarchist symbol and broken windows, including in a federal courthouse. They chanted both anti-Trump and anti-Biden slogans.

A member of the group distributed fliers to people on the street saying, “Biden won! And the corporate elites too! The flyers explained that a “democratic administration is not a victory for the oppressed” and that “Biden will not save us.”

“I came here because whatever happens, Biden and Kamala are not enough,” said one of the protesters, Alejandro Quezada Brom, 28, referring to Vice President Kamala Harris. He said the new president should know that “the pressure is not off” for immigration and police reforms to progress.

Seattle police followed the group and began to surround them after dark. At least two protesters appear to have been arrested.

At another protest in Portland, people gathered to hear speakers who celebrated Mr. Trump’s departure, but also called for continued pressure on the new government.

“The fight is only just beginning,” said Ray Austin, 25. He said the damage Mr Trump caused could not be repaired by people like Mr Biden and that the nation needed a tidal wave of people demanding more.

Speakers at the event called for a Green New Deal to tackle climate change, a Medicare for All type health insurance system, an overhaul of policing to tackle racial disparities and others. fundamental changes.

In the wake of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis last May, protesters in Portland took to the streets every night, much of their anger at the mayor and the police who repeatedly used tear gas to bring them under control. Crowds swelled over the summer after Mr. Trump issued an executive order to protect federal property and officers wearing cover-ups cracked down on the city.

These conflicts have since subsided, but protesters in Portland have continued to mobilize.

Mike Baker reported from Portland, and Hallie Golden from Seattle.

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Video: Press attaché pledges to bring back “ truth and transparency ”

new video loaded: Press attaché pledges to bring back “ truth and transparency ”



The press attaché commits to bringing back “ truth and transparency ”

Jen Psaki led President Biden’s administration’s first press briefing on Wednesday just hours after the inauguration, vowing to bring “truth and transparency to the boardroom.”

“When the President asked me to take on this role, we talked about the importance of bringing truth and transparency back to the briefing room, and he asked me to ensure that we communicate on the policies of the Biden-Harris administration and the work it team does every day on behalf of all Americans. There will be times when we see it differently in this room – I mean, among all of us. Its good. It is part of our democracy. And rebuilding trust with the American people will be at the heart of our work in the press office and in the White House. “When will President Biden start making appeals to foreign leaders?” Who is on this initial list? And during the transition, he did not speak with President Putin. Does he intend to do this? And will he discuss retaliation for SolarWinds’ attack on the federal government? “On SolarWinds, we already talked about this, a little before its launch, should I say, today. Of course, we reserve the right to respond to any cyberattack at any time and in the manner we choose. But our team is, of course, right on the pitch today. They just get on their computers. So I don’t have anything for you to read or preview for you at this point. According to him, the way to bring the country together is to tackle the problems we face. And so that means pushing through this Covid relief package, asking Democrats and Republicans to take a serious look at this and discuss among themselves how to move it forward. And he’s going to leave the mechanics, the timing, and the details of how Congress is moving forward on their impeachment.

Recent episodes of United States and politics


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Video: Watch Live: Tom Hanks Hosts ‘Celebrating America’

TimesVideoWatch Live: Tom Hanks welcomes President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Vice President Kamala Harris to “Celebrating America” ​​hosted by Tom Hanks in honor of the inauguration. By Reuters.

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Photos of an inauguration day like no other

The threat of the coronavirus pandemic and fears of a recurrence of violence that rocked Capitol Hill two weeks ago have combined to make President Biden’s swearing-in on Wednesday look and feel like no previous inauguration.

Instead of a crowd of well-wishers celebrating the Capitol and adjacent areas, the grounds were cut off by what was to be the most intense security ever for the event. Streets were barricaded for blocks in all directions, thousands of National Guard soldiers flooded the Capitol grounds for added protection, and military vehicles were clearly visible.

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, planners for Biden’s inauguration imposed strict testing and social distancing requirements for the ceremony. As a result, the inaugural platform, usually crowded, was reserved for the main participants themselves. Lawmakers and other dignitaries were relegated to carefully spaced seats in front of the platform.

But Mr Biden and his entourage felt it was essential that the ceremony take place as usual outside the Western Front of the Capitol – an area overrun by a violent mob two weeks earlier – to show the American public and to the world that democracy would. endure even the most strident attempts to overthrow it.


President Donald J. Trump and his wife, Melania Trump, left the White House early in the morning. Aides came out with boxes and a moving truck was parked on the lot. Mr. Trump gave a farewell speech at Joint Base Andrews in Md. Before flying to Florida on Air Force One for the last time, saying in pre-flight remarks, “Good life. We will see you again soon. “

Mr. Biden attended a mass at St. Matthew the Apostle’s Cathedral in Washington before the dedication ceremony, with Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Republican leader; President Nancy Pelosi and other congressional leaders. The National Mall has been closed to visitors for security reasons.

Mr. Biden, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris and their families were greeted by Senators Roy Blunt, Republican of Missouri, and Amy Klobuchar, Democrat of Minnesota. They went up the stairs to the eastern front flanked by the Capitol Police.

11:36 a.m.

The inauguration ceremony was filled with performances. Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and Garth Brooks sang the national anthem and “This Land is Your Land”. Amanda Gorman, 22, the youngest inaugural poet in US history, read her poem “The Hill We Climb”.

11:47 a.m.

Ms Harris was first sworn in, using a Bible belonging to Thurgood Marshall, the civil rights lawyer who became the first African-American to hold a seat on the Supreme Court. Mr. Biden, standing with his wife, Jill Biden, and children Ashley and Hunter, used a Bible with a Celtic cross that has been in his family since 1893.

Mr. Biden proclaimed that “democracy prevailed” and called for unity in his inaugural address. “We must end this uncivil war – red against blue, rural against urban, conservative against liberal,” he said.

The traditional parade on Pennsylvania Avenue had to be redesigned for the pandemic and was a largely virtual event. With no supporters able to attend, Mr Biden and Ms Harris each walked a short distance past the heavily secured path to the White House.

Mr Biden signed 17 executive orders, memoranda and proclamations during his first hours in office, aiming to reverse some of the Trump administration’s actions on immigration, climate change, the pandemic and racial equality , among others.

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Video: Garth Brooks performs ‘Amazing Grace’ at the opening

TimesVideoGarth Brooks Performs “Amazing Grace” at Inauguration Following President Biden’s inaugural address calling for unity, Garth Brooks sang “Amazing Grace,” asking the audience, both in attendance and on television, to join him for the last verse. .