May 09, 2021 Travel News

Schools are open, but many families are reluctant to return

The Pauline Rojas High School in San Antonio is open. But like many of her classmates, she hasn't come back and has little interest in doing so.During the coronavirus pandemic, she started working 20 to 40 hours per week at…

Apr 30, 2021 Travel News

‘Joy, love, sorrow’: what it’s like when families come together

The pandemic separated nursing home residents and their loved ones for a year. The New York Times photographers were there when they finally got together.A daughter holding her mother's hand. A son overcame the fact that his 95-year-old mother survived…

Apr 28, 2021 Travel News

Biden details $ 1.8 trillion plan for workers, students and families

WASHINGTON - The Biden administration on Wednesday detailed a collection of $ 1.8 trillion in spending increases and tax cuts aimed at expanding access to education, lowering the cost of child care and to support women in the labor market,…

Mar 20, 2021 Travel News

‘All I can think of is her’: families mourn victims of Atlanta bombings

Ms. Yue found work as a cashier at a grocery store outside Fort Benning and the couple stayed there until her divorce in 1982. Their families were close - “She used to take my sister to the spa. Mr Peterson…

Mar 18, 2021 Travel News

Video: Vice President Harris expresses sympathy for families of victims

Vice President Harris expresses sympathy for families of victims On Wednesday, Vice President Kamala Harris offered his condolences to the families of the victims of the Atlanta murders and condemned the upsurge in attacks on Asian Americans.

Mar 12, 2021 Travel News

Which families will receive the most money from the stimulus bill?

The Covid-19 relief legislation signed by President Biden on Thursday includes a larger increase in direct assistance to families than in any other pandemic relief bill passed so far - an average of $ 6,660 for households with children, according…

Mar 08, 2021 Travel News

Los Angeles schools remain closed and families wonder: how much longer?

Los Angeles schools remain closed and families wonder: how much longer? Even amid signs of a deal with the teachers' union, the district is probably still a month or more away from resuming in-person learning.

Feb 09, 2021 Travel News

‘She just lost him’: Chicago school fight leaves families in limbo

Maggie Owens' 4-year-old daughter was knocking on the back door, desperate to go to school.Her daughter, Louise, a special needs student with a brain disorder, was one of the first schoolgirls in Chicago to be able to return to her…

Feb 04, 2021 Travel News

Mexican law prevents the United States from turning back some migrant families

WASHINGTON - Mexican law has prevented the United States from swiftly denying migrant families in one of the busiest sections of the southwest border, forcing officers to resume releasing families in the country, three officials say of the Biden administration.The…

Feb 03, 2021 Travel News

Chicago Families Debate School reopens

Here is the Education Briefing, a weekly update on the most important news in American education. Sign up here to receive this newsletter to your inbox.Chicago VoicesAfter days of growing tension between Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the Chicago Teachers Union,…