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David Cicilline: the head of impeachment has already embarked on big technology

WASHINGTON – Having previously worked as a member of the House Judiciary Committee to investigate President Trump during the first House Democrats impeachment effort in 2019, Representative David Cicilline of Rhode Island is set to play a role most importantly as the person responsible for the impeachment in the second of Mr. Trump. trial.

Mr. Cicilline has been a member of the Judicial Committee since 2014 and, in this context, headed the subcommittee on Antitrust, Commercial and Administrative Law. In his work on antitrust law, in particular, he oversaw what experts have described as one of the most ambitious campaigns against some of the country’s most powerful tech companies, including Amazon, Google and Facebook – companies that have since been criticized by top lawmakers. of both parties.

Prior to joining Congress, Mr. Cicilline worked as a public defender in Washington and served two terms as mayor of Providence, RI

Stepping into a position of leadership, Mr Cicillin was an author of the impeachment article which the House picked up on Wednesday in conjunction with Representatives Jamie Raskin of Maryland and Ted Lieu of California, who are also responsible for the impeachment.

“As lawmakers who have impeached this president once before, we do not take this responsibility lightly,” Cicillin wrote in a New York Times article on Monday.

Like others who have been called upon to serve as managers in the impeachment process this week, Mr. Cicillin has helped oversee investigations by the president and his advisers in the past, including inquiries into possible violations of the campaign funding arising from payments made by the Trump campaign. to two women who said they had affairs with Mr. Trump.