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Madison Cawthorn wins in North Carolina, becoming youngest Republican elected to the House

Madison Cawthorn won North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District on Tuesday, defeating former Air Force Col. Moe Davis and retaining the Tory seat in Republicans after a race that unexpectedly turned competitive when Mr. Cawthorn was charged with racism and sexual misconduct.

Mr. Cawthorn, whose victory was announced by The Associated Press, is the youngest Republican ever to be elected to Congress, and the youngest person of any party elected in more than 50 years. He turned 25, the minimum age to serve in the House, in August.

When he won the Republican primary in June – upsetting the candidate endorsed by the Republican establishment and former Rep. Mark Meadows, who had left the seat to become President Trump’s chief of staff – Mr Cawthorn was seen as a lockdown to win in November. . The neighborhood, after all, is solidly conservative, and his personal story was compelling: he was partially paralyzed in a car crash at the age of 18, and he presented himself as a new face that could bring some news. generational perspective in the Republican Party.

But reports quickly revealed a false statement in the way he told his story: He said his dream of attending the United States Naval Academy was derailed by his car crash, but the academy had in fact rejected it before the accident.

Other reports referred to social media posts he had made in which he referred to Hitler as “the Führer” and claimed that visiting Hitler’s holiday home in Germany was on his “to-do list. do ”and that it“ does not disappoint ”. Several women accused him of sexual misconduct. And last month he set up a website attacking a reporter for working “for non-white men like Cory Booker who aims to ruin white men who run for office.”

In an interview with The New York Times shortly after winning his primary, Mr Cawthorn said, “I believe I can deliver the message of conservatism in a way that doesn’t seem so abrasive – that has better packaging. , I would say, better messaging. “

But his first tweet after the race was called for him on Tuesday night fit well with the Republican Party’s message by and large during the Trump era.

“Cry more, lib,” he said.