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Man who supplied guns in San Bernardino attack sentenced to 20 years |

“He’s a terrorist, your honor,” said Gregory Clayborn, whose daughter, Sierra, was killed, The Associated Press reported. “And if you let him out, he’ll do it again.”

Imposing a 20-year sentence, Judge Bernal rejected a request by Mr Marquez’s lawyer for a five-year sentence, which prosecutors said would have been essentially equal to the time served and would have resulted in release. quick from M. Marquez.

Federal prosecutors called Mr. Marquez’s request an attempt to “downplay the seriousness of his actions and not to believe that his actions contributed to the mass slaughter.” He had incurred a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison.

“This defendant was an active member of a conspiracy which planned to inflict the death and destruction of innocent people,” Tracy Wilkison, first assistant to the United States prosecutor, said in a statement Friday. “Today’s sentence is the direct result of actions that made a terrorist possible and laid the groundwork for an attack that claimed 14 innocent lives, injured 22 others and rocked the entire nation. “

John N. Aquilina, Marquez’s lawyer, said in a telephone interview that his client had spent seven years in a “junior role” with Mr. Farook. He said Mr. Marquez was 13 when he met Mr. Farook, who was 18 and his neighbor in Riverside, California, in 2005. He said Mr. Marquez essentially left his own family to be with Mr. Farook.

“He was drawn to the Farook family and felt like a part of the family he did not have at home,” said Mr. Aquilina. “That’s pretty much why Marquez was in a subordinate role, following Farook wherever he went and doing everything he did.

He said Mr. Farook persuaded Mr. Marquez, who was raised in the Roman Catholic religion, to convert to Islam at the age of 16.