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Nov 09, 2020 Impacting Travel

Trump adviser reveals tougher travel ban if president serves second term

President Donald Trump’s senior adviser, Stephen Miller, revealed Trump’s immigration plans for a second term, should the president win re-election.

According to an NBC News article, Miller outlined four top priorities for the administration’s immigration plan, including “raising and improving the standard of entry” to the United States.


In a phone call to NBC News, Miller said the administration would “build and expand the framework that we have created with the travel ban, in terms of raising the bar for screening and investigation for admission to the United States.”

Trump’s immigration policies have faced intense scrutiny and legal challenges over the years, especially over his original travel ban, which barred travelers from several Muslim-majority countries from coming to the US.

The original ban underwent several iterations and faced numerous legal challenges until the U.S. Supreme Court ruled, in a 5-4 decision, that it could be upheld despite several lower courts finding that the ban on travel was unconstitutional.

Being a trend now

At the time, the US Travel Association and the American Society of Travel Advisors were of the opinion that a travel ban in any form is not very welcome for foreign visitors.

“The economic risks around strong and healthy international travel are too high, and speak too directly of the president’s priorities of increasing exports, employment and GDP, for the welcome message not to become a prominent part of the administration’s calculation, “wrote the United States. Jonathan Grella, Executive Vice President of the Travel Association.

ASTA said: “We align ourselves with the sentiment expressed by the US Travel Association and other industry leaders that an open message welcoming legitimate international travelers to the United States must accompany any security measures. aimed at terrorists and those who stay longer than their visas. “

In 2017, a ForwardKeys study found that the travel ban did, in fact, have a negative impact on travelers arriving in the US, showing a 1.4 percent decline in visits, often attributed to ” fall of Trump “.

ForwardKeys wasn’t the only organization to notice this decline. The Commerce Department found that during the first three months of Trump’s presidency, nearly 700,000 fewer tourists visited the country than during the same period last year.

In addition to a decline in visitors to the US, the original travel ban also tarnished the US as a tourism brand.

“I’ve heard from many European friends who say they have no interest in visiting the United States right now because of the ban and Trump,” Adam Groffman, a Berlin-based travel blogger, told TravelPulse at the time.

It‘s hard to see how a new travel ban would be viewed positively on a global scale or encourage travelers to visit the U.S., which has been hit hard by a lack of tourism as the coronavirus pandemic has decimated the number of visits.

Research firm GlobalData published a study that found that the next four years of President Donald Trump could hamper the growth of tourism in the United States.

“While causality cannot be proven, there is a correlation between President Trump’s first term and a slowdown in international visits, which should increase apprehension in the US tourism sector. In the current elections regarding how quickly recovery will take place during and after the pandemic. ” said Ralph Hollister, GlobalData travel and tourism analyst.

The company cited negative US views on immigration as one reason, as well as the country’s ongoing trade war with China.

Still, the biggest obstacle facing tourism in the United States is the pandemic, which is now expected to result in a 75 percent year-on-year decline in 2020.