Some international travelers may need to receive the COVID-19 vaccine before flying

Dec 01, 2020 Impacting Travel

Some international travelers may need to receive the COVID-19 vaccine before flying

A growing number of countries around the world say that travelers will need a COVID-19 vaccine before visiting.

According to The Associated Press, officials at Australia’s largest airline Qantas said that once coronavirus vaccines are widely accessible, they will be needed for passengers before traveling to or from the mainland island.


Qantas CEO Alan Joyce said the airline is currently developing ways to electronically verify that people have received the necessary vaccine for their intended destinations.

“We are looking to change our terms and conditions to tell international travelers that we will ask people to get vaccinated before getting on the plane,” Joyce told AP.

Being a trend now

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that are common in many different species of animals, including camels, cattle, cats, and bats.

Qantas is not the only airline working on the changes, as South Korea’s largest airline, Korean Air, also announced Tuesday that it would require vaccinations as “governments are likely to require vaccinations as a condition of lifting requirements. quarantine for newcomers. “

Korean Air spokeswoman Jill Chung said any changes to screening or vaccination rules would be the result of coordination with local governments.

Aviation authorities in New Zealand echoed Chung’s position, with Air New Zealand saying: “Ultimately, it is up to governments to determine when and how it is safe to reopen borders and we continue to work closely with authorities on this”.

Many international airlines are working on “Common Pass” tests, an application endorsed by the World Economic Forum that aims to provide a standardized format for airlines to evaluate passenger coronavirus test results. IATA also announced that it is working on a COVID-19 Travel Pass app that would make it easier for in-flight passengers to quickly display their COVID credentials at airports.

“As the world moves closer to coronavirus vaccines and negative tests are also becoming requirements to remove travelers from self-quarantine in countries around the world, airlines feel the need for an effective system to screen people. passengers for vaccinations and tests, ”Chung said.